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Nityanand Rehabilitation Centre (NRC)

Admission Procedure

  1. Admission procedure is based on Mental Health Act, 1986. Admissions are done from short term to long term on voluntary basis. Informed consent of client, his / her parents or guardian is necessary.

  2. Referring letter from a Psychiatrist and Physician is mandatory at the time of admission.

  3. At the time of admission, thorough assessment is done by the doctors and the counselors on the basis of the history given by the client and his / her relatives.

  4. On admission it is mandatory for the relatives to take the counselors number. They can communicate with the concerned couselor twice a week to get regular updates on the clients well being and development.

  5. Relatives of the client have to get his / her personal belongings, requirement and general medicines [if needed] at the time of admission and hand them over to the Nurse through the concerned counselor.

  6. One has to pay security deposit amount, monthly fees, medicine charges and personal expenses at the time of the admission. [Security deposit is refundable at the time of discharge]
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