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Celebrations at Nityanand Rehabilitation Centre & Nityanand Institute Of Medical Science

Nityanand Rehabilitation and Residential Mental Healthcare Center, is one of the important institutions in and around Pune, which work in the field of treatment and rehabilitation of individuals having mental illnesses and addiction.

Being a residential institute, clients who reside here are given intensive treatment in the form of Medication, Counseling and Day care.

The ultimate aim of the treatment procedure followed in Nityanand is the wellness of the Clients and their settlement in the current mainstream society. Clients who are under treatment are given psychotherapy, so that they can merge into the society in the future by bridging the gap between unsociable and sociable behaviour. This is brought about by doing many activities that are observed in the mainstream, like celebrating festivals.

So, with this view, Day Care Center organizes various celebrations and performances on various occasions like:

New Year ,Mahashankrati, Basant Panchami, Republic Day, Moharam, Holi, Gudi Padwa, Baisakhi, Id-A-Milad, Budh Purnima, Guru Purnima, Teej, 15th August-Independence Day, Parsi New Year, Raksha Bandhan Celebration, Janmashtami and Dahihandi, Ganesh Chathurthi, Teachers Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Navratri,  Dushera, Diwali,  Xmas Celebration, Other Big Days & Birthdays.

At Nityanand we encourage all our clients to participate actively in all the Celebrations. These Big Days are celebrated in the form of Drama, Songs, Speech, Quiz, Skit, Dance, Refreshments etc. The stories and Moral’s of the Big Day is discussed. For each event the clients are encouraged to do things themselves which is done under supervision and which helps them gain more experience, lost confidence and helps them work upon and improve their self-image which is distorted due to illness. All fun activities take place making the Day memorable & meaningful and giving our clients at Nityanand a Home like atmospere of clelebration. The events are presided by Medical Director of institute, Dr. Nitin Dalaya. All the functions are celebrated with unity and enthusiasm with other staff members’ co-operation and participation. The relatives of the patients who attended the programs are also happy to see them coming out of their shells and performing.

All the events make a deep impact on the patients as they get more confidence and encouragement to merge with the mainstream society.

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