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Mental health problems ranging from mild to severe are continuously on the rise. To cater to the needs of people suffering from a variety of psychological ailments, trained mental health professionals are needed. Clinical Psychologists now play an important role in catering to these health care needs. Clinical Psychologists apply knowledge and methods from various fields of bio-psycho-social sciences for promotion and maintenance of mental health of individuals.

The teaching during B.A, M.A (Psychology) & MSW (Medical & Psychiatry) gives good theoretical knowledge but offers little or no opportunity to gain the practical skills needed to cater to the mental health needs of the growing population. Due to the lack of essential practical skills most students (who have passed B.A/M.A Psychology/MSW Psychiatry) face hardships while doing actual clinical work with patients and clients. This internship program at Nityanand Mental health and Rehabilitation Centre is designed to fill this gap in training enabling a smooth transition from academic psychology to clinical psychology.

The aim of the internship is to prepare the students to function as a qualified mental health professional offering diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative services to individuals and families with mental health needs.

The course has the following objectives:

• Make a detailed evaluation and diagnose mental health problems with confidence.

• Undertake therapeutic approaches to treat and manage mental health needs of individuals and their family.

• Apply psychological principles and techniques in rehabilitating persons with mental health needs and disabilities. Work with the psychosocial dimensions of physical diseases and illness behavior, and formulate/undertake well-targeted psychosocial interventions.

• Undertake and associate with clinical research and in the areas of clinical psychology and mental health.

• Serve as a foundation course for further training in Psychotherapy.

• Psychopharmacology.

Regulations of the Internship course 


12 months of Full time internship is offered in batches. First month without stipend and for the next 6 months students will be given a stipend of Rs.4000/-. Candidates will be selected by the panel depending upon their overall academic performance & their specified interest in the field of Mental Health.

Number of Seats:

To make the training effective the maximum number of students to be enrolled onto the course is

Entry Requirement:

Minimum educational requirement for this internship will be M.A. (Psychology) / M.S.W.degree with a minimum of 50% marks aggregate. Students joining the course should note that signing a 12 months bond is mandatory. On violation of this bond student will have to pay remaining months’ stipend to institute.

Admission Procedure:

Application forms and registration fees of Rs. 500/- will be accepted from 1st May onwards 2016 (1st Batch) till 31st August 2016 (2nd Batch) in Nityanand Rehabilitation Center, Katraj. There will be 2 batches. A selection committee will scrutinize the applications and eligible candidates will receive a phone call from the institute for an interview. Interviews will be conducted by a panel in June/July. They will prepare a list of selected candidates and also give a list of candidates who are on the waiting list. The candidates who get selected will be given 1 week to confirm their enrollment onto the internship and pay the necessary fees. If the candidate cannot confirm his/her enrollment within this period his seat will be passed onto the candidate who is next on the waiting list. Selected candidates will be informed about the start date of Internship program me.


Minimum attendance of 80% is needed for the internship. Any interruption in a student’s attendance during the course of internship, due to illness or other extraordinary circumstances, must be notified to the Head of the Institution and permission should be obtained.

Internship structure:

Training will be in the form of:

Taking admissions-History taking, case presentations, interactive discussions, observing actual clinical scenarios and their Bio-Psycho-Social management, supervised individual and group handling, Undertaking All therapies e.g.: REBT, CBT, BT etc, Marital & family therapy and Supervised Family workup, Day-Care activities, journal club presentations and supervised clinical work experience.


Students will get experience certificate at the end of 12 months period. Promising candidates will be absorbed in the staff and will be given a brief probation period.

Stipend (during internship): Rs 4000/- per month

Approximate Salary (following successful completion of internship and getting selected for employment at Nityanand): Rs 8000/- per month.

For Details of the internship program and application form please contact

1) Usha Gokhale
Mobile no. 09552503202 / 09822761856
Email ID: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2) Ms. Malvika Khadke
Mobile no. 09552503210 / 9823568284
Email ID: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Nityanand Rehabilitation Center
Patang Plaza, Near Sacchi- Aai Mata Mandir,
Oppo site PICT College, Behind Bharati Vidyapeeth University
Pune, Maharashtra 411046
Phone: 020-24364424/25 fax: 020-24368181
Mob no: 9552503202/210
Email ID: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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