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Nityanand Rehabilitation Centre (NRC)

Our Facilities Include


Residential Facility | Food | Gymnasium | Yoga and Meditation | Gardens | Library Facility  

General & Medical Stores | LCD Screen | Picnic & Outing | Mini Bus | Ambulance


Residential Facility:

Along with our efficient treatment program me and unrivalled location, you can also expect outstanding service and comprehensive facilities.

Nityanand – Katraj is located amidst lush green and relaxing surrounding. The institute provides a full fledged residential facility for around 100-120 individuals, with separate wards for Male and Female clients. Accommodation is offered in 3 forms: General ward which has 25 beds, Semi Private Ward has 3 beds and Private ward has 1 single bed; separate wash-rooms for each ward are available. The living areas are spacious, furnished and well ventilated. Separate dining area, Day-care activity zone, counseling cubicles, vocational area and gardens provide space for therapeutic activities for the treatment program. Nityanand Rehabilitation Centre also caters a residential treatment program to treat DRUG ADDICTION. Our facility offers a comfortable, safe and relaxing setting for our client’s recovery and treatment and fast recovery.



At Nityanand- Katraj/Pachane we provide sufficient food facility in the form of Breakfast, Lunch and dinner. Tea is provided thrice a day: on waking up, during breakfast and in the evening with snacks. Flavored milk is given to the clients during evening times (optional). For meals a mix in various Indian cuisines is available on a daily basis, with standardized planned meals that provide necessary nutritional requirement per day. The food menu varies and includes different preparations with a variety of flavors. Non vegetarian food is served once a week. The residents also get treated to special dishes on festival days, special occasions, and birthdays of residents. Eatables from outside are also provided on request of the family members. All the meals for a day are served a comfortable environment of dining area.

Bed Tea with Crackers: 6.30am to 7.00 am
Breakfast: 8.45am
Lunch: 12.45 pm
Evening Tea with snacks: 4.45 pm
Dinner: 7.30 pm



Boredom does not help anyone get better. Therefore our clients have a range of activities here at Nityanand Katraj: One of them being the Gym facility. The center provides necessary equipments’ beneficial in maintaining one’s own physical health. All the regime activities at the gym are as per assigned plan and are undertaken under supervision by instructors. These activities are a part of the designed daily routine of the clients which help them unwind and be active and fresh.


Yoga and Meditation:

Yoga can be beneficial in achieving balance in your Mental Health. It helps you achieve deeper knowledge of yourself. It facilitates in the overall recovery. Yoga Practice can also help relieve irregularities in the brain and the entire Nervous System. Keeping this in mind Yoga, relaxtion and Meditation at Katraj takes place and is conducted within the Day Care Zone for clients on a regular basis in a well and systematic designed paradigm.



Katraj: The Simple Gardens at Nityanand Katraj can bring a smile to your face. Designed display gardens here showcase trees, shrubs, beautiful flowers, and herbs plants that thrive in growing conditions. Having a small garden within the rehab itself is very therapeutic. Garden activities also can a part of the routine activity for our clients which are pleasure giving.


Library & Reading Facility:

Katraj: We at Katraj offer an organized collection of resources made accessible to our clients during their leisure time after 4.30pm. The collection includes various books in a variety of languages and topics, magazines, articles, periodicals, newspapers, documents; DVD’s which can be borrowed. In charges keep a track of the borrowed material and maintain records.


General & Medical Stores:

General store at Nityanand-Katraj has in store necessary toiletries, dry snacks and other basic requirements like slippers, towels, napkins, clothes etc. All the mentioned requirements are sanctioned only with permission of in charges and they have a fair watch on the needs of the clients. Patients are also provided with General medicine if required. It is approved by the concerned Doctors permission and supervised by the residents or sisters.


LCD Screen:

Clients enjoy the access to the LCD screen projector. Every week they are shown movie’s (New/ Old/ theme based), documentaries’, dramas and shows on the big screen which helps them unwind from the daily routine.


Picnic & Outing:

We take our clients for picnics. They are taken for these outings depending upon how cooperative they are. An outing being a pleasurable experience helps clients seek enjoyment which become a part of a memorable experience.



We have the facility of a 2 functional Mini buses for travelling of our clients, staff and family members whenever required.



A round the clock service of ambulance is readily available for managing any kind of medical emergency for residents if they have to be shifted to any other hospital for emergency medical care for specialized treatment.


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