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Nityanand Rehabilitation Centre (NRC)


001Nityanand Rehabilitation & Residential Mental Health Care was established by Dr. Nitin Dalaya on 2nd June 2002 at Katraj, pune. Nityanand is located in a quaint residential area of Pune, NRC is a short distance away from Pune-Mumbai highway and is conveniently accessible by public transport. The purpose of establishing the rehabilitation centre is treating the clients suffering from various psychiatric illnesses. The psychiatric illness & substance dependence is a psychological pattern potentially reflected in behavior that is generally associated with distress or disability which is not considered a part of person’s normal developmental culture, these illness are generally normally defined by a combination of how a person feels, act, think or perceives. The causes of the psychiatric illness are varied and in some cases unclear. In terms of treating these illness services are provided by the psychiatric hospitals & rehabilitation centers. We at NRC consider ourselves fortunate to be in a position to provide the right kind of treatment to the people afflicted by addiction and psychological illness.

002Rehabilitation simply means “to make able again”. We at Nityanand practice the “Bio-psycho-social Model” to treat our clients. The biological module is handled by the psychiatrist for the detail assessment & diagnostic work up. The psycho-social module is handled by the clinically trained counselors & psychiatric social workers. Psychiatric nursing staff & residential is present to care of the clients, supervise their self-care hygiene & maintain good medicine compliance, other supportive staff is available to maintain decorum in the rehabilitation. To maintain clients organized routine Nityanand has started with its own Day-care centre. Day- care can be defined as a structured program for daily activities. Plan of management for all clients is made according to the ability & needs of the client so that one can embibe independent living skills. The activities in day-care include: supervising self-care, social skill training, vocational training & recreational activities.

The de-addiction program at Nityanand included: detoxification, assessment & management of psychiatric co morbidity, group therapy, 12 steps program by Alcohol anonyms & narcotic anonyms, individual insight oriented session, cognitive restructuring & family awareness program so that it helps the client to integrate into normal lifestyle.

Nityanand Rehabilitation has been very successful in achieving good results by practising the Bio-Psycho-Social Model as the treatment protocol and is taking its best efforts to reach out to those in need and render the best services possible.

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