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Nityanand Rehabilitation Centre (NRC)

Program Fees

Note: One month’s Security Deposit is compulsory which is Refundable.

We have the following wards:
• General Ward
• Semi-Private Ward &
• Private Ward

The BASIC fees for 1 Month starts from 12,000/- + 3000/- and varies ward wise.

12,000/- is a fixed amount and it includes the following facilities and services:
1. Accommodation
2. Food (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & 3 times tea)
3. Counseling (Individual and family counseling)
4. Day Care: Group therapy, routine management, Personal hygiene supervision, Yoga-Art-
& Play therapy, Music-Dance therapy, Meditation and Spiritual techniques,
Vocational Training etc.
5. Sister’s fee.
6. Laundry service.

3,000/- is a variable amount depending upon each patient’s expenses and it includes the following:
1. Psychiatric Consultation.
2. Psychiatric Medicine.
3. General Consultation if any.
4. General Medicines if any.
5. Pathological Test, Fees, X-ray, MRI, CT Scan etc if done.
6. All personal expenditure such as soaps, toothbrush, oil or any personal articles provided.
7. Any Eatables or a special diet given other than common food provided.
8. Special Attendant.
9. Any other expenses if required.


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