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Recreation is any activity performed during one’s leisure or free time. Recreational activities are often done for amusement; it is an essential part of human life and finds different forms which are shaped naturally by individual interests. Recreational activities can be communal or solitary, active or passive, outdoors or indoors. Recreation has many health benefits and accordingly recreational therapy has been developed to take advantage of this effect. Such therapy is applied in rehabilitation and in care of the elderly, the disabled or people with chronic illness. We at Nityanand Rehabilitation Centre have indoor and outdoor recreational activities for the clients, which helps them to be active and set in a routine. The activities are

Outdoor Recreational Activities Are

Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Swimming, Golf, Lawn Tennis, Team Games, Nature Walk, Cycling, Surfing, Horse Riding, Boating, Travelling, Fishing, Pet Training, Photography and more…..


Indoor Recreational Activities Are

Music, Dance, Watching Movies, Video Games, Art Activities, Knitting, Painting, Reading, Table- Tennis, Writing, Craft Making, Watching T.V, Badminton, Cooking, Playing Cards, Chess and many more…..

The value and benefits of recreation are as follows:

1) Helps You Relax And Reduce Stress – Recreational activities help you relax and give soothing effect to your nerves. It helps you release the tension and maintain equilibrium. It is one of the best relaxation techniques to help you get back to work in full form.

2) Impacts Your Health - Recreational activities have a very good impact on your health. It is an excellent medicine for ailments. It is a natural way to stay fit and healthy in life.

3) Social Benefits - It helps you meet people and develop a favorable rapport. People who share common interest make joyful groupS that help each other to promote themselves. Importance of recreation gets reflected in the status you build for yourself.

4) Refresh the Senses - Recreation is the important and best activity to refresh your senses. It rejuvenates your senses and makes you feel light again.

5) Refills the Energy - Recreation activities are best mechanism to refill your energy and make you feel alive again. It is best way to charge you up when you feel exhausted and drained out.


6) Quality of Life - Recreational activities help you build self esteem and confidence. It helps you enhance the quality of life by building a positive self image.

7) Effective Time Utilization - When your body is at the best of its form both in terms of health and energy, recreational activities helps you utilize your time effectively. The effort you put in a certain task is way below what you could have possibly put without any recreational activity.

8) Sharpen Skills - The value and benefit of recreational activities is best seen in the form of skills that gets developed and sharpened over the period of time. You not only are inclined to learn more things but are also motivated to be at your best.

9) New Avenues - Clients who enjoy it to the best of its form have developed a career in one form or the other.

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